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Hyundai Global GPO Conference – Top Corporate Conference Photographer

Business conferences being an integral part of a brand’s existence and operations, make hiring a top corporate conference photographer an important decision in capturing the essence of business conferences. 

Business conference photography and videography is not just limited to capturing beautiful moments, but goes much beyond that. From documenting the thrill of networking, to capturing vibrant participant interactions, a top conference photographer ensure that the real essence of exchange of knowledge, thoughts and ideas is captured in a professional creative manner. 

Thoughtful meticulous capturing of national and international business conferences, goes a long way in not just strengthening the overall brand equity, but also serves as priceless marketing collateral for organisations. 

Hyundai, South Korean auto giant and one of the global pioneers in automobile industry, under its Global Policy Office (GPO), a specially constituted overseas coordination organization that hires international foreign affairs experts to actively respond to global geopolitical challenges. 

Under this critical office, now a strategic business unit within Hyundai, the company holds GPO Conferences globally as an initiative to consult with foreign governments and address global challenges more effectively. 

In navigating the global polycrisis, GPO’s role has become increasingly vital, thereby serving as a robust platform for dialogue and collaboration to address global issues. 

As a part of its 2024 global GPO conference held at Hyundai India headquarters at Gurugram, this international conference was attended by industry experts and important government officials of different nations. With presentations by industry and government heads, and attended by the global Vice President of Hyundai and Korean Ambassador to India, this event was a rich mix of quality intellectual discussions, invigorating interactions, followed by a causal dinner for all the delegates and dignitaries. 

A gathering of great minds with stimulating intellectual discussions around automobile industry and geo political climate, this international business conference was exemplary in every way, marking a new start to handling global issues with quality dialogue and discussion. 

Captured in entirety by the top conference photographer in India, stimulate your visual senses with professionally shot visual creative stories from global conference event photography and videography in India. 

Shoot overview

Client: Unboxed Events

Company: Hyundai India

Location: Gurugram

CS Media crew:  2 photographers 

Turn around time: 2 days

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