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Soulful, meaningful corporate videos are the cornerstone of successful brand campaigns, hence engaging top corporate video production agency in India becomes critical to ensure not just a world class outcome but also create brand stories of success, strategic planning and execution. 

Setting the foundation for the upcoming action packed year replete with new challenges and potential successes, global organisations hold international region-specific kick off meetings, to set the tone and milestones for the teams/regions in question. 

As a crucial initial step in the success of any project/geography performance, kick off meetings allow team members to meet each other, set expectations, ask questions, and discuss potential risks and challenges to prepare for the year long road ahead. 

Biomerieux, a French multinational, a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for 60 years, and present in over 45 countries organised a lavish three day kick off meeting for its Asia Pacific region.

To create a meaningful brand film highlighting the essence of the event and capture its soul, on boarding the top corporate video production agency in India became the undisputed choice. Weeks of meticulous planning, thought provoking discussions with the brand and perfectly smooth execution of the ultimate event ensured a brand film and candid event moments worth savouring, sharing and saving for marketing activities for years to come.

Held in the land of endless opportunities, in the mega city of Dubai, this power packet event, attended by the global senior leaders of Biomerieux and the Asia Pacific region team was a grand amalgamation of entertainment, award night, gala dinner, invigorating strategic planning and sales target discussions, adrenaline rushing Desert safari, falcon show, replete with traditional folk dance performances. 

Attended by over 200 employees from the Asia Pacific region, the event was a grand affair providing enough fodder for thought for the Asia Pacific team, motivating them for an eventful year ahead, all captured to visual delight by the top corporate video production agency in India. 

Shoot overview

Client: Unboxed Events

Company: Biomerieux

Location: Dubai

CS Media crew: 1 cinematographer, 1 candid photographer

Turn around time: 7 days

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