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Corporate Headshots Photography

The old age adage, ‘First impression is the last impression’, has never been more relevant than in the current social media age. As per a recent behavioural research, people base their decision to trust within 100 milliseconds of the first glance of the face.

The current digital era has evolved the way humans interact and perceive businesses and their work. While digitisation has moved majority of the businesses online, one can never undermine the importance people attribute to human connect that businesses project and create with their brands.

Brand/company websites have become indispensable components of establishing and maintaining the company’s brand image. They are the perfect gateway for clients/customers to understand, appreciate and acknowledge the work a business specialises in. Hence, the visuals that they see on your company website can make or mar your future interactions and long-term associations they forge with your company.

Even with the best content and copy and enviable website aesthetics, if your website fails to establish an immediate human connect, it can turn the customers away. The surest and simplest way to create instant trust amongst the visitors cum customers is by giving a human face to your website, i.e by proudly exhibiting smiling cheerful faces of passionate people who are the real power behind the brand.

Professional corporate headshots of executives, leadership team, business owners, employee headshots, corporate portraits of CEOs all help create a sense of trust in clients/customers with the brands they choose to associate with.

5 top reasons why you should invest in professional corporate headshots photography and portrait photography:

  • Helps draws visitors towards your brand/business

With Internet having made inroads into every aspect of life, people have limited bandwidth and time to decide whom they choose to work with. To turn your first opportunity/touch point with a client into a long-term business relationship, it is critical to create an engaging company website proudly showcasing the faces of people and great minds behind the business. Professional headshots by corporate headshot photographers is your safest bet in this regard.

  • Helps build trust

  People tend to choose businesses they decide to engage with based on the individuals who are the main action heroes. Putting profile head shots, leadership team headshots, CEO portraits instills trust in clients that you stand by the products/services you provide and are proud to be associated with them.

  • Lends your business a unique personality of its own

Putting happy, smiling, confident pictures of key people behind the brand, employee headshots help create a distinct identity of your business. It not only engages potential customers but also develop a loyal customer base which resonates with your brand identity and its core values.

  • Helps attract the best talent

Talented, trained and highly skilled workforce is the backbone of any successful business. To create a winning workforce, projecting a positive image of your company as a ‘Great place to work for or Employer of choice’ becomes of paramount importance. People aspire to work with great brands that are run by great, happy individuals and teams. Professional portraits and employee headshots come in very handy.

  • Serves as perfect marketing and branding material

Amazingly shot portraits and headshots serve as wonderful profile pictures for website, business portraits for magazines and press release as well as profile pictures for social media websites and networking portals like linkedin etc. This lends a professional image to your company across platforms and various media of communication.

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